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   Name of requester          :
      Mark Davis
   E-mail address of requester:
      mark.davis at
   Tag to be registered       :
      see list below
   English name of language   :
      see list below
   Native name of language (transcribed into ASCII):
      see list below
   Reference to published description of the language (book or article):
      widespread usage
   Any other relevant information:
      The structure of these tags follows the pattern used for yi-latn.
      This is a minimal list, and does not include all the possible
      combinations of country codes to indicate possible orthographic
      or spelling distinctions, on the pattern of other 3066 codes:
         for zh-*, HK, MO, CN, SG, TW, US,...
         for az-*, AZ, IR, ...
         for uz-*: AF, KZ, KG, TJ, TM, UZ, ...
         for sr-*, YU, BA, MK, HR, ...
      Nor does it encompass all the cases where different scripts are
      used. There is a need for a generative mechanism with scripts
      to keep from having to register all new combinations, but
      this registration is meant to address the immediate need.
      For country code for Serbian, see
      Background discussion on
      Languages used in:


az-Latn; Azeri in Latin script; Azərbaycan­ılı
az-Cyrl; Azeri in Cyrillic script; Азәрбајҹан
az-Latn-AZ; Azeri in Latin script as used in Azerbaijan; Azərbaycan­ılı
az-Cyrl-AZ; Azeri in Cyrillic script as used in Azerbaijan; Азәрбајҹан

uz-Latn; Uzbek in Latin script; U'zbek
uz-Cyrl; Uzbek in Cyrillic script; Ўзбек
uz-Latn-UZ; Uzbek in Latin script as used in Uzbekistan; U'zbek (U'zbekiston
uz-Cyrl-UZ; Uzbek in Cyrillic script as used in Uzbekistan; Ўзбек

sr-Latn; Serbian in Latin script; srpski
sr-Cyrl; Serbian in Cyrillic script; српски
sr-Latn-YU; Serbian in Latin script as used in Serbia; srpski (Srbija)
sr-Cyrl-YU; Serbian in Cyrillic script as used in Serbia; српски (Срвија)

zh-Hans; simplified Chinese; 中文(简体)
zh-Hant; traditional Chinese; 中文(繁體)
zh-Hans-HK; simplified Chinese as used in HKSAR; 中文(简体)(香港特别行政区)
zh-Hant-HK; traditional Chinese as used in HKSAR; 中文(繁體)(香港特别行政区)
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