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Thu Apr 10 13:57:13 CEST 2003

My only reservation would be with those proposed tags that have both
country and script elements: I don't think we ever reached consensus
regarding which order they should go in.

I can't recall now if Peter Edberg might have suggested this, but I'm
wondering about having country ID after a script ID only when the country
ID is specifically there to distinguish between spelling conventions. Thus,
if the "AZ" in "az-Latn-AZ" were specifically intended to distinguish
spelling used in Azerbaijan vs. spelling used elsewhere, that would be OK.
But, if the distinction is not spelling but only vocab (or other such
sub-language differences), then use "az-AZ-Latn". If we approach it that
way, then I'm guessing we'd have "zh-HK-Hans"|"zh-HK-Hant" rather than


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