Script codes in RFC 3066, 4 issues

John Cowan cowan at
Wed Apr 9 23:02:13 CEST 2003

Peter_Constable at scripsit:

> What kind of conflicts are you thinking of? (There is more than one kind of
> conflict that needs to be considered.)

Very well, Socrates, I shall submit myself to the elenchos.

Formally, I conceive, there can be only one kind of conflict, viz. that the
self-same code is used for two different purposes in the Ethnologue and
in ISO 639-2.  And formally, there can be only two kinds of resolution:
viz. that the Ethnologue code be changed, and that the ISO code be changed.

The conflicts can be subdivided on the scheme by which you have subdivided
the ISO codes, thus: between a SIL code and

o	an ISO code for an ancient language
o	an ISO code for an artificial language
o	an ISO code for a modern language
o	an ISO code that is ambiguous between several languages
o	an ISO code that implicitly refers to a group of languages
o	an ISO code that is explicitly collective

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