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Peter_Constable at sil.org Peter_Constable at sil.org
Wed Apr 9 19:13:20 CEST 2003

Kenneth Whistler wrote on 04/09/2003 04:27:36 PM:

> > My only question was whether they should be
> > called separate scripts, in which case "Hani" becomes an alias for a
> > collection, or whether they are called script variants.
> They are neither.
> That doesn't mean that labels in 15894 might not still be
> appropriate, for whatever purpose. This, because 15894 contains
> other things than scripts per se.

In my mind, this is the bottom line. We very likely could never reach an
international consensus on categorising these as "scripts" or "script
variants", but I would hope that we could reach a consensus that adding
identifiers for them in 15924 serves a practical and important purpose and
does not exceed reasonable expectations as to what the purpose of 15924
should be.

> And if use of 15894 codes
> is the only way to get off ground zero for tagging
> Chinese material for various information processing purposes,
> then so be it.

It may not be the only way, but I think it is the way that makes best
sense. It certainly is *far* preferable to using CN and TW.

- Peter

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