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Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
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At 16:53 -0400 2003-04-09, John Cowan wrote:
>Michael Everson scripsit:
>>  Only because I'm not convinced that everyone is satisfied with Hant/Hans.
>What will it take to convince you?  (This is not a rhetorical question.)

A considered weigh-in from Ken Whistler, Peter Constable, James Seng, 
Mark Davis, and John Jenkins that all the bases are covered.

Remember, the *script* is Hani. We would be encoding TWO script 
variants in 15924. Now that in itself is unusual. Compare 
Latn/Latg/Latf. The thing is that Latn is still used by itself, but 
if we have Hant/Hans then what function will Hani have? What about 
Jiaguwen (Bone and Shell)?

I don't dispute that there are different orthographies for written 
Chinese. I want to make sure that THIS is the best way of reflecting 
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