Script codes in RFC 3066

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1. Apologies: should have been:

language_code := language_subtags ("-" iso15924_code)?  ("-" iso3166_code)?
language_code := private_use_and_grandfathered_stuff

iso3166_code := a 2-letter iso 3166 code if available, otherwise a 3-letter

2. Your original text had:

"To a language tag in one of the above forms may be appended a script
code representing the writing system, or a country code representing the
orthography, or both in that order."

so the order is as above (which I agree with).

3. You say "So the main issue is when a language without a specific ISO
639-2 code gets
one, e.g. cpf-hat (Haitian Creole French) might get hcf (-2) or hcf/hc

Right, the 2 vs. 3 letter ISO language codes are covered. But the problem is
where (using x for ISO codes (2 or three letter) and Y for Ethnologue

a. x-Y exists in 3066bis, and later ISO introduces a 3 letter language code
X' that means the same thing.
b. x exists in 3066bis, and SIL introduces (or has now!) a code Y where x-Y
means the same as x.

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> Mark Davis scripsit:
> > These comments are not clear to me. Are you referring to the language
> > subtags or to the whole 3066bis structure?
> I took the remark to be about the language portion proper.
> > language_code := language_subtags ("-" iso15924_code)?  ("-"
>                                                                   ^^^^^
>                                                                   3166_1
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