Script codes in RFC 3066

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These comments are not clear to me. Are you referring to the language
subtags or to the whole 3066bis structure? That is, John's proposal was (in

language_code := language_subtags ("-" iso15924_code)?  ("-" iso15924_code)?
language_code := private_use_and_grandfathered_stuff

language_subtags := iso639_code ("-" ethnologue_code)?

     Note: x? means that x is optional.

Are you objecting to fact that language_code has structure or that
language_subtags have structure? 3066 already has structure, and the fact
that it does have structure is extremely important for compatibility. So
there can be no issue of changing that. So I assume that you are referring
to the language_subtags, and that you want to see somehow a single code for
that, not the combination of iso639_code and ethnologue_code.

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I concur with that.

Scríobh Caoimhin O Donnaile <caoimhin at>:
>I think that language codes should be "atomic", not hierarchic,
>because opinions on hierarchies are likely to change.

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