Script codes in RFC 3066

Jeremy Carroll jjc at
Wed Apr 9 13:57:32 CEST 2003

Caoimhin O Donnaile wrote:

>>>Given that the two would often be used in concert I think there would be a
>>>strong advantage in making any script code look quite different to any
>>>language code, whether to a computer or a human reader.
>>So they do.  Script codes are 4-letter strings, conventionally titlecased.
> Are 3-letter codes going to be enough to cover all languages, 

26*26*26 = 17576
26*36*36 = 33696

i.e. 3 letter codes looks pretty tight to me for your objective.
however, allowing numbers in positions 2 and 3 doubles the space.

Also there may be codes nobody wants to use: FUK for example.
(That's probably a language already, knowing my luck).

Language codes could be of odd length, leaving the even lengths for other 


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