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On 09/05/2002 07:46:26 AM Michael Everson wrote:

>>There is content
>>which is acceptable to audiences throughout the Americas, but not
>>necessarily in Spain (in practice, very often not), and there are
>>paying significant money for the development of content with specifically
>>those properties.
>What features does this content have that make it differ from content
>in Europe? I have only asked this ever since this tag was proposed.

You're looking for a contrast that can be expressed in terms of a
linguistic feature such as a pronominal difference, or a phonological
difference. If I understand correctly, it has more to do with lexica and
semantic ranges denoted by lexical items. The content in question uses
vocabulary that limited in ways that result in text that is acceptable
throughout the Americas, but not necessarily elsewhere (a given text may
happen to be acceptable elsewhere, but that is not guaranteed). I'm sure
this has been explained already.

- Peter

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