Michael Everson everson@evertype.com
Wed, 4 Sep 2002 22:01:17 +0100

So what you are saying, Peter, is that you want a blanket group code 
to cover more than one language. Those are given out in ISO 639-2?

This RFC specifies *languages*, even to a lot of granularity 
(Scouse!) but I do not think that the entity described in 
"es-americas" is an actual entity. Saying that there "might" be some 
spell-check differences between Europe and the Americas does not 
convince -- especially as I do not think that there are any. There 
may be vocabulary differences, but there are just as many of those 
between the American varieties as there are between them and Spain. 
Is text-to-speech required? Apple implemented es-MX, which works in 
Mexico and in the southwestern US, though it might be less 
appropriate on the east-coast of the US.

I learned Mexican Spanish when I lived in Arizona, and I meet 
European Spaniards regularly enough in Ireland. And Colombians. And 
Argentinians. And Cubans. They all speak differently from one another.
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