American Indian/Alaska Native languages

Michael Everson
Tue, 14 May 2002 19:01:18 +0100

At 20:12 -0500 2002-05-13, wrote:
>On 05/10/2002 01:12:23 PM Michael Everson wrote:
>>>individual forms, I'm happy to do so.  Regrding the references, they
>>>are primarily from the Ehtnologue and the Smithsonian Handbook of
>>>North American Indians, language volume.
>>I'm not happy with those particular references. There are many books
>>in the world which list languages by name or family or whatnot. I
>>have a lot of them myself.
>>For IETF I interpret the rule to mean that books in a language,
>>especially (but not limited to) grammars or dictionaries, identifies
>>the entity being registered. That's how we've operated for other
>I don't see how you can say that. In June 2000 while we were discussing
>drafts for what is now RFC 3066, there was some discussion on what was
>acceptable as a reference. The default assumption being made -- in this
>case by the author of the RFC himself -- was that the references were
>works *about* a given language, and it was Martin Durst who pointed out
>that works *in* the given language were also acceptable

Yes, about or in, but I mean really about or in, not just a survey 
book listing a whole lot of language names. Sorry I've been ill this 
week and I didn't express myself clearly.
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