American Indian/Alaska Native languages
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On 05/07/2002 11:30:58 PM "Pavla &OR Francis Frazier" wrote:

>1) Peter had written, "Or do we want to try to permit Pavla to pursue
>his requests yet hope that no other large requests appear before ISO
>can come up with something more comprehensive?"
>To me it seems the best alternative is IETF for the languages I am
>interested in submitting.  (The ISO requirements prohibit many of the
>languages I have.)

There are restrictions on the existing parts of the ISO 639 family of
standards that may make some or many of these languages not candidates. I
was referring, however, to a new part of ISO639 that would be intended to
be comprehensive in coverage. That standard does not yet exist, which is
why you can't submit your request for inclusion in that part (but if it did
already exist, I expect it would already include them).

>2) Back to the question of "mass registration."  Is this possible?  I
>used the same resources for all of the 159 languages I want to submit.

There are some clearly stated rules about requests even for IETF, and I
suspect the reviewer will want to abide by those rules. What I have seen
submitted from you so far has not included individual request forms. Those
are essential since that is how the registered codes are documented. See
RFC 3066 for details.

BTW, I would prefer having mail addressed just to the list and not to both
me and the list. Thanks.

- Peter

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