American Indian/Alaska Native languages

Michael Everson
Wed, 8 May 2002 13:38:47 +0100

At 22:30 -0600 2002-05-07, Pavla &OR Francis Frazier wrote:

>To me it seems the best alternative is IETF for the languages I am
>interested in submitting.  (The ISO requirements prohibit many of the
>languages I have.)

Any which meet the ISO requirements should be registered with ISO.

>2) Back to the question of "mass registration."  Is this possible?  I
>used the same resources for all of the 159 languages I want to submit.

I am uncomfortable about this. Normally the references we cite are 
specific grammers or dictionaries or other books *about* the languge 

Each language should have its own application and its own reference. 
That's my opinion. I've got all kinds of books which list languages 
by name, but that's not the same as book about or in a language.
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