hypothetical Cajun question

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On 05/06/2002 06:47:29 PM "Sean M. Burke" wrote:

>A fairly obvious tag choice is "fr-us-la".

Somewhat obvious, I suppose, though in my "model" paper, I suggest that
country codes should perhaps not be used to distinguish individual
languages or writing systems. Note, BTW, this is considered a distinct,
individual language by the measures used in the Ethnologue.

>My question is: I don't think that that /has/ to be registered with
>IANA.  But /can/ it be registered?

Not only can it be, but it must be, at least if you want to use it in any
protocol that makes reference to RFC 3066. Only tags of the form ll-CC or
lll-CC do not *have* to be registered (though even then they may be).

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