CORRECTION (was: Re: Many languages - how to code?)

John Clews
Sun, 05 May 2002 21:50:48 GMT

Apologies - please excuse my haste in saying it was a W3C
internationalization workshop at the upcoming IUC in Dublin.

I had it in my mind as there had been a W3C internationalization
workshop at the previous IUC in Washington, which I was unable to get
to in the end.

Presumably various W3C people will be at the [non-W3C]
internationalization workshop next week though?

In message <> Martin Duerst writes:

> At 09:26 02/05/04 +0000, John Clews wrote:
> >Next week, there is the W3C Internationalization Workshop in Dublin,
> >followed by the International Unicode Conference.
> There is *NO* W3C Internationalization Workshop next week.
> The workshop is:
> Workshop on Standards in Localisation, Dublin, Ireland, 13 May 2002
> Regards,   Martin.
> #-#-#  Martin J. Du"rst, I18N Activity Lead, World Wide Web Consortium
> #-#-#

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