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On 06/03/2002 11:39:34 AM Harald Tveit Alvestrand wrote:

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>--On 30. mai 2002 16:41 -0600 "Sean M. Burke" <sburke@cpan.org> wrote:
>> So I've got some stuff in Yiddish that I want to serve across HTTP, and
>> I'm probably going to have two versions -- one in Latin script, and one
>> in Hebrew script.  I want to be able to do content-negotiation so that
>> the user will get the version that she or he prefers.  How to do it?

>what about having one set in iso-8859-1 and the other set in iso-8859-8?
>language is NOT the only thing HTTP can negotiate on...

But what if his content is all UTF-8? He still needs to be able to make the
distinction. Hence the suggestion of "yi-Latn" and "yi-Hebr".

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