I approve the registration of i-enochian (language-tags)

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Wed, 3 Jul 2002 16:00:16 -0700

The following Language Tag has been approved
and registered at the IANA.  Please see the 



Please let us know if any of the contact information

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Michelle S. Cotton
IANA Administrator

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From: Michael Everson [mailto:everson@evertype.com]
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Subject: I approve the registration of i-enochian



Name of requester          : Davina Zawinski
E-mail address of requester: dz@fatalist.uklinux.net
Tag to be registered       : i-enochian

English name of language   : Enochian

Native name of language (transcribed into ASCII): loagaeth

Reference to published description of the language (book or article):
Casaubon, Meric (ed.). A True & Faithful Relation of what passed for 
many Years Between Dr: John Dee... and Some Spirits. London: Askin 
Publishers, Ltd., 1974.

Hamilton-Jones, J. W. (tr.). The Hieroglyphic Monad. New York: Samuel 
Weiser, 1947/1975.

Laycock, Donald. The Complete Enochian Dictionary: A Dictionary of 
the Angelic Language as Revealed to Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley. 
London: Askin Publishers, Ltd., 1978.