Status on es-americas

Michael Everson
Wed, 3 Jul 2002 18:18:49 +0100

At 14:24 -0600 2002-06-24, Sean M. Burke wrote:
>At 11:11 2002-06-24 -0500, wrote:
>>         es-AR, es-BO, es-CL, es-CO, es-CR, es-CU, es-DO, es-EC,
>>         es-FK, es-GT, es-HN, es-MX, es-NI, es-PA, es-PE, es-PR,
>>         es-PY, es-SV, es-UY, es-VE.
>Add es-US.  Really, this time for sure.

And what are the features of this that make it differ from es-MX and es-CU?

I have very very grave misgivings about this whole effort. It seems 
to me that es-americas does not identify a single entity in any way, 
and language tagging should, should it not?
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