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Alain LaBonté
Sun, 24 Feb 2002 16:12:10 -0500

A 14:21 2002-02-24 -0500, John Cowan a écrit :
>As I understand it, this request is more of a command.  The only
>fully stable codes in 3166 are the numeric ones.

[Alain]  Not even...

For example, if Québec (a territory currently 3 times as big as France) 
eventually became a country it would have its code... and the current 
numeric code for Canada would designate a different territory... Would that 
mean even a different numeric code for the new country designated as Canada?

Asking the question is kind of answering it, I believe.

See the map I rebuilt (almost exact, with the data I had) of the original 
territory called "Canada"(*) in 1535 (if Québec formed a new country and 
became a republic, the original Canada -- a province of the kingdom of 
France, then part of New France, a very small part of it which had a radius 
of roughly at most 150 km around the city of Québec -- would no longer be 
part of what would remain of Canada, now a constitutional monarchy whose 
symbolic head of state lives in Buckingham Palace):

Alain LaBonté

* : Canada is an algonquian word meaning "group of cabins",
      "very small village"

     Kébec is an algonquian word meaning
      "where waters become narrow"