ISO 3166 (country codes) Maintenance Agency Web pages move

John Cowan
Mon, 25 Feb 2002 12:30:57 -0500

Alain LaBonté scripsit:

> For example, if Québec (a territory currently 3 times as big as France) 
> eventually became a country it would have its code... and the current 
> numeric code for Canada would designate a different territory... Would 
> that mean even a different numeric code for the new country designated 
> as Canada?

But this is a question about the stability of countries, not the
stability of codes for countries.  Code stability is compromised
if Canada changes from 124 to 888, not if Canada changes its boundaries.


IIRC it was a Huron who, when asked where he and the Cartier expedition
were, replied "kanata" = "at the village", thus beginning what is
certainly the most massive extension of a name in human history.

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