Preliminary proposal for 225 language-country pairs

John Cowan
Tue, 19 Feb 2002 00:02:47 -0500 (EST)

Mark Davis scripsit:

> It seems arbitrary to generate all the possible variations,

I'm trying to provide a set of *plausible* variations, at least
some of which are going to represent actual variation.  If there
are a few too many, no matter.

> on the off
> chance that some are usefully distinguishable.

There is no question of "off chance": many are clearly distinguishable.
See below.

> In terms of speech, for
> example, mine is closer to a en-CA then it is to an en-NYC.

But do you write "tyre centre", "tire center", or "tire centre"?

> This is also not divorced from the notion of locale; the two are
> closely intertwined in practice.

In the sense that the nonlinguistic components of a locale are often
closely correlated with country, yes.  But whereas nv_US is a plausible
locale, nv-us is a redundant though not incorrect tag (just nv does
the job).

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