Preliminary proposal for 225 language-country pairs

John Cowan
Mon, 18 Feb 2002 23:27:16 -0500 (EST)

Mark Davis scripsit:

> Why do this? en_US is already definable. Is it to be able to have a
> locale like en-PN_US, a locale with the conventions determined by the
> variety of English used in the US as spoken by immigrants from
> Pitcairn?

Locales have nothing to do with this.  RFC 3066 language tags come in four
flavors:  those registered with ISO 639, those registered with IANA,
private-use tags beginning with x-, and tags of the form
xx-yy or xxx-yy, which do not need to be registered with IANA but can be.

I am attempting to compile a list of (potentially) useful combination tags.
In theory all 436 * 239 = 17004 combinations are usable, but most
of them are plain silly: there just is no distinctively Australian variety
of Navajo.

But by all reports en-PT is pretty different from en-US or en-GB.
SIL goes so far as to call it a separate language.

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