xx-XX-nnnn vs. xx-nnnn in Chinese and German

Michael Everson everson@evertype.com
Wed, 13 Feb 2002 23:12:12 +0000

At 21:57 +0100 2002-02-13, Torsten Bronger wrote:

>I need de-AT/DE for the mapping on LaTeX identifiers.  LaTeX has to
>distinguish, because it generates some text.  E.g. the date:  "Januar" in
>Germany, "J=E4nner" in Austria.  So if I write a letter in XML which is
>converted to LaTeX which then puts in the date -- the country of origin
>is essential.

The spelling of January in date formats is a locale issue not a 
language tagging issue. You can already use de_AT and de_DE for that, 
and indeed that is recommended. Are there other differences common 
enough to warrant a language tag?

de-AT and de-DE are legal according to the RFC anyway, as are en-GB 
and en-US and en-IE.
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