xx-XX-nnnn vs. xx-nnnn in Chinese and German

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Wed, 13 Feb 2002 17:24:07 -0600

On 02/13/2002 03:53:22 PM Torsten Bronger wrote:

>The Duden, the normative guide in all countries with German population,
>clearly and explicitly distinguishes between Austrian or FR German 
>of words, or words that appear only in one variant.  This is what 
>refers to.

Is this referring, then, to orthographic differences between the two 

I'm trying to think in terms of categories of general applicability in IT 
applications; "language" and "orthography" can be well defined and are 
relevant for IT purposes, but "sub-form" (in the absense of any further 
definition) is vague. If the term is referring to orthographic variants, 
though, then the entities so denoted are of the category type 
"orthography", which would make things acceptably clear.

- Peter

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