Proposal: Language code "de-DE-trad"

Martin Duerst
Tue, 12 Feb 2002 11:02:52 +0900

At 17:05 02/02/11 +0100, Keld J$BS(Bn Simonsen wrote:
>I would rather thus use a year to qualify the language version.
>An issue is what the year should denote.
>Should it be the beginning of the new orthography, or the end of it?
>I think the most logical is to use the beginning year, this is
>how it is thought of in Danish at least. The orthographies are
>defined by a book or set of rules that were published at a certain
>date and people know them by that.

Yes, and this is the only way to precisely denote the
'current' orthography. You know when it started, but
not when it will end :-).

Regards,  Martin.