Scripts and Language Codes (was RE: Here comes the Yiddish)

Martin Duerst
Thu, 12 Dec 2002 02:14:33 +0900

At 12:09 02/12/04 +0000, Jon Hanna wrote:
> > This is what <script="Ogam"> tags are for. This is what ISO 15924 is
> > for. I don't understand why this isn't clear.
>I was trying to say that I agree with you that RFC3066 codes shouldn't be
>registered for scripts. I can see a point in a successor that encoded
>language and script together (since they do after all co-exist in the same
>piece of text) but I can see arguments against as well. As such I would be
>interested in views on such.

RFC 3066 does not forbid any kind of qualifiers for language tags.
I think a new version could explicitly say that the iso four letter
script codes should be used if a distinction is needed. However,
given the low number of such cases, I think it's better to just
say that such combinations can be registered, rather than do the
implicit pre-registration that we have done with the language-country

Regards,    Martin.