Language tags that denote writing systems

Jon Hanna
Mon, 9 Dec 2002 15:49:29 -0000

> >Unless we can formalise a mechanism whereby one can programmatically go
> from
> >yi-latn to yi on audio then such codes may do more harm than good.
> Please elaborate on what kinds of scenario you envisage needing to derive
> "yi" from "yi-Latn". It certainly wouldn't make sense to tag audio content
> as "yi-Latn".

"Can I have a sound file please? yi-Latn or yi-Hebr would be acceptable."

(Yes that's a nonsense request, but it's nonsense that is both easier to
avoid sending, and easier to ignore the nonsensical part of if you have
separate language and script codes).

> >There is perhaps a similar need to be able to go from yi-latn to latn for
> >systems that need not know the language, but do need to know the script.
> Can you think of situations in which a system needs to know the script but
> not the language?

No, hence my tactical use of the word "perhaps" :)