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On 12/07/2002 09:13:06 PM "Sean M. Burke" wrote:

>>Also, when people express language preferences, are they not typically
>>thinking in terms of text, and also expressing writing system and
>>orthography preferences?
>I'd guess: typically yes for languages where literacy is widespread and/or
>where a text medium is implicated, and typically no for a potentially
>number of other cases.

In terms of current usage, most of what is tagged on the internet at this
point is text. That may, of course, change at some point.

>If their web page said "The voter guide show is available in
>several languages.  Which language would you prefer?  * Zuni    *
>Navajo    * Laguna  [...etc]".
>Ditto if the voter guide were on some kind of dial-in touch-tone menu

Yes, certainly in these cases writing system is not involved.

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