Sean M. Burke sburke@cpan.org
Sun, 08 Dec 2002 20:53:43 -0700

At 07:49 2002-12-09 +0900, Michael Everson wrote:
>At 20:23 -0700 2002-12-07, Sean M. Burke wrote:
>>While we're going on about ISO, I'm reminded that there is no ISO code 
>>for Haitian, neither two-letter nor three-letter; and I'm curious when 
>>ISO will fix this oversight.
>When someone fills out the appropriate form

How gnomic and gnomish!  I wonder if French and Afrihili (the Scylla and 
Charybdis of modern languages?) had to have those forms submitted, or if 
ISO sanctified them with codes not by works, but by grace.

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