Breaking the logjam: perhaps a new RFC on Script codes?

John Clews
Sat, 07 Dec 2002 09:41:38 GMT

In message <p05100308ba1703eb88b6@[]> Michael Everson writes:
> The delays to ISO 15924 are administrative, not technical.

I know.

> AFNOR promises to do something after 18 December.

Do you believe them?

> (Three months after the
> ballot on the RA, and still refusing to forward to me the actual 
> ballot comments.)
> John, obviously an RFC on script codes won't list all the script 
> codes (which will be available from the 15924 RA) and will want to be 
> a clone of RFC 3066.

Good. But it can't refer to ISO 15924 codes if ISO 15924 doesn't

Glad you lack my cynicism about ISO/TC46's inability to perform.

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