Breaking the logjam: perhaps a new RFC on Script codes?
Fri, 6 Dec 2002 10:05:16 -0600

On 12/06/2002 07:24:59 AM Scripts2 wrote:

>We've got a logjam where the Internet world is waiting for ISO to do
>something about the draft ISO 15924 (script codes)

I don't think that's the most difficult issue here. Sure, we can create an
RFC with a list of script codes. I'd still like to see ISO deal with that;
I'd be inclined to think that people working in TC 37 are going to need
such a standard even if TC46 has lost interest. One way or the other, we
can make a list of script IDs available. The more difficult issue, however,
is the one that Sean and Jon have been discussing: how are distinctions
between writing systems and orthographies going to be handled, and how
*should* they be handled, in various protocols such as HTTP? Even if we
created a new RFC today, it's not useful for anything until it gets

- Peter

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