Here comes the Yiddish
Thu, 5 Dec 2002 13:17:13 -0600

On 12/04/2002 05:07:47 AM "Jon Hanna" wrote:

>I can use afh-PN and everyone will know
>it is "Afrihili as spoken on Pitcairn Island"...

>If we are to enable the encoding of
>orthography (and I think we should, though whether within or without the
>language code I'm not sure) we need to do so in a manner that similarly
>gives us many language/orthography combinations "for free".

The main concern with things that come "for free" is that their semantics
are implied and may not be understood equally by all. I agree that we
should do as much as we can using a generative framework that gives us
things "for free", but we need to pay careful attention to semantic issues.

- Peter

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