Here comes the Yiddish

Michael Everson
Tue, 3 Dec 2002 20:49:13 +0000

At 12:36 -0700 2002-12-03, Sean M. Burke wrote:
>At 23:46 2002-12-02 +0000, Michael Everson wrote:
>>Saying en-scouse is different from en is one thing. Orthographic 
>>differences are not language codes. lang=yi-Hebr vs lang=yi-Latn is 
>>not a language distinction. It's lang=yi, script=Hebr or 
>>script=Latin. Es is di zelbike Sprakh.
>So what about the "de-DE-1996" et al codes that you approved a few 
>months ago?  "Orthographic differences are not language codes", 
>after all.

Script codes are intended to be an attribute of a script tag, and for 
the specific needs of modern spell-checkers was the deciding and 
practical business case. There is no script code for 1996. That was a 
language reform.

I do not want us to go down the road of making a "language code" for 
Portuguese written in the Arabic script.
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