Summary: de-DE-1996 is better than de-1996-DE

Michael Everson
Tue, 30 Apr 2002 14:05:35 +0100

The Language Tag Reviewer is Unhappy.

The German tags are on hold and are not yet registered by IANA. I 
want you all to come to consensus as to whether you want de-DE-1996 
or de-1996-DE.

Achieving his may involve "I can live with either" as opposed to "I 
cannot live with one of these".

I find both rationales equally unconvincing at times. Personally I 
prefer de-DE, and no, I don't mind that there is a de-1996. Frankly I 
consider these arbitrary identifiers. It is nice if they are 
mnemonic. I don't care if software can "parse" them because I don't 
think that's very reasonable.

Please give a clear and unambiguous "I prefer X" and indicate whether 
you can live with the other or not.

Doing my best,
Michael Everson *** Everson Typography ***