"Liaison" on the ISO 639 JAC mailing list

Michael Everson everson@evertype.com
Tue, 30 Apr 2002 13:50:51 +0100

At 14:48 +0200 2002-04-30, H=E5vard Hjulstad wrote:
>To IETF, c/o Michael Everson,
>As acting chairman I am pleased to inform you that the ISO 639 Registration
>Authorities' Joint Advisory Committee (JAC) has approved to add an expert
>representing IETF to the JAC email mailing list as "liaison". The
>appointment is not for a defined period of time, but the JAC will review it=
>membership at suitable intervals.
>This letter is sent to Michael Everson, who is already on the mailing list.
>However, it is up to IETF to decide who they at any time wish to have as
>their "liaison" representative.
>The purpose of this action is to strengthen the expertise that is available
>for the JAC to fulfill its mandate to develop alpha-2 and alpha-3 language
>identifiers (currently ISO 639 parts 1 and 2). Also other aspects of
>language coding will be discussed on the JAC mailing list, but it is outsid=
>the scope of the JAC to make formal decisions on other issues (like languag=
>variant coding, etc.).
>Liaisons on the JAC email mailing list will be expected to participate in
>the discussions on the list, and to involve other experts in their
>organization when this seems appropriate. They will not be involved in the
>voting process, which is handled by a different mailing list. They will als=
>not be called to JAC meetings.
>The JAC's home page is found at
>I trust that this letter will be forwarded to persons within the IETF
>I wish IETF welcome to the JAC mailing list.
>Best regards,
>H=E5vard Hjulstad
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