Request: Language Code "de-DE-1996"
Tue, 23 Apr 2002 17:59:41 -0500

On 04/23/2002 05:17:12 PM John Cowan wrote:

> scripsit:
>> In the process you describe, precisely what you would *not*
>> end up ever specifying is vocabulary that is specific to one country yet
>> without specifying orthography.
>Yet it is possible to create two pairs of texts:

Speaking hypothetically, there are a lot of potential distinctions that we
*could* make, but many for which there is not a whole lot of real need.

>one pair is clearly
>different in vocabulary but ambiguous as to orthography, the other
>pair is clearly different in orthography but ambiguous as to vocabulary.
>The second pair is fairly trivial, because the vocabulary differences
>are not that large; the first pair might require more effort to

And my suggestion was that tags distinguishing the first pair are what
probably are not needed: indicate a vocabulary distinction while remaining
ambiguous regarding orthography. It seems to me in most reasonably likely
scenarios, if people are creating a data set that follows certain criteria
with regard to vocabulary, then they will also be assuming certain criteria
with regard to orthography.

- Peter

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