de-xx names

Michael Everson
Tue, 23 Apr 2002 19:08:40 +0100

At 18:18 +0200 2002-04-23, Havard Hjulstad wrote:
>Why not "1901" and "1996" in the names?
>German, 1901 orthography  &  ... 1996 orthography (or possibly "orth. of
>Deutsch, 1901-Rechtscheibung  &c
>I realize that the "history" is short in the business directly relating to
>IETF language identifiers, but there may in the future be a compatibility
>issue with a broader language coding. May be similar "attributes" (or
>whatever) will be standardized in the context of ISO 639, e.g. for use in

The argument is that "traditional" had a lot of microvariants but 
that naming all the years was superfluous. If I remember right.
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