Language tags for German

Michael Everson
Sat, 20 Apr 2002 13:59:43 +0100


I raised a concern that software is already doing something about 
this kind of tagging. I have at least three applications now which 
can make distinctions between the 1996 and the 1901 orthographies.

I requested that this be discussed also on the 
list and said that I was happy with the scheme providing that 
everyone on both lists was happy with it. I don't seem to be getting 
mail from (though I thought I was subscribed to 
it), so I don't know if this discussion has occurred there or not. I 
wanted them to discuss it because of industrial involvement.

(Or at least I think I did all this. Perhaps I dreamed it.)

I'll process the application by Thursday next unless I hear 
objections from industry, how about that?

So how many variants will be asked for out of the combinations below? 
Do you have references for each of the variants? That's necessary.

>Are my requested language tags for German going into the last phase or
>should I re-launch my request with the versions most people here have
>seemed to agree with?  My impression was that
>   de(-DE|-AT|-CH)?(-1901|-1996)?
>represented the most accepted way.  My XML application is now almost
>finished, so I must tell in the documentation how to select
>"New-German" and "Traditional-German".  Can I give the above way with
>quite clear conscience?  I'd like to do so even if the whole procedure
>might still take a long time.

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