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On Wed, Mar 22, 2017 at 1:48 AM, John C Klensin <klensin at jck.com> wrote:

> On the one hand, not only does IDNA2008 prohibit registration of labels
containing or

consisting of emoji, but so does IDNA2003.


I don’t want to reargue the issues around IDNA2008
​, because that doesn't tend to be productive​
, but the above is not correct.

Some people think of emoji first being added to Unicode 6.0 [October 2010].
But the consortium had broadened the scope to permit emoji back in 2006.
Unicode 6.0 had the major addition for Japanese carrier emoji, but some of
those carrier emoji were represented by Unicode characters that came in
well before U6.0. For example, when the ARIB set was added to Unicode, it
was known that a number of those would be used for emoji.

The consortium has been working to refine and improve the support of emoji,
and there were other cases where older characters
​have been
categorized as emoji (meaning to allow for emoji presentation and
participate in various emoji sequences). That could also happen in the
future: people are free to propose that existing pictographic symbols, like
the chess symbols, should be emoji .

While IDNA2003 [March 2003] was not updated to successive versions of
Unicode — which has also turned out to be the case with IDNA20o8 [September
2010] — it did allow for symbols. And some of those qualify as emoji. So
the following emoji IDNs are valid under IDNA2003:

⤴.ws <http://xn--zri.ws> ⤵.ws <http://xn--0ri.ws> ♻.ws <http://xn--26h.ws>
〽.ws ◻.ws <http://xn--f3h.ws> ◼.ws <http://xn--g3h.ws> ◽.ws
<http://xn--h3h.ws> ◾.ws <http://xn--i3h.ws>  ℹ.ws <http://i.ws> ☺.ws
<http://xn--74h.ws> ☹.ws <http://xn--64h.ws> ☠.ws <http://xn--h4h.ws> ☝.ws
<http://xn--e4h.ws> ✌.ws <http://xn--7bi.ws> ✍.ws <http://xn--8bi.ws> ❤.ws
<http://xn--qei.ws> ❣.ws <http://xn--pei.ws> ♨.ws <http://xn--j6h.ws> ✈.ws
<http://xn--3bi.ws> ⌛.ws <http://xn--eih.ws> ⌚.ws <http://xn--dih.ws> ☀.ws
<http://xn--k3h.ws> ☁.ws <http://xn--l3h.ws> ☂.ws <http://xn--m3h.ws> ❄.ws
<http://xn--tdi.ws> ☃.ws <http://xn--n3h.ws> ☄.ws <http://xn--o3h.ws> ♠.ws
<http://xn--b6h.ws> ♥.ws <http://xn--g6h.ws> ♦.ws <http://xn--h6h.ws> ♣.ws
<http://xn--e6h.ws> ☎.ws <http://xn--y3h.ws> ⌨.ws <http://xn--rih.ws> ✉.ws
<http://xn--4bi.ws> ✏.ws <http://xn--bci.ws> ✒.ws <http://xn--eci.ws> ✂.ws
<http://xn--xbi.ws> ☢.ws <http://xn--j4h.ws> ☣.ws <http://xn--k4h.ws> ↗.ws
<http://xn--b6g.ws> ➡.ws <http://xn--hgi.ws> ↘.ws <http://xn--c6g.ws> ↙.ws
<http://xn--d6g.ws> ↖.ws <http://xn--95g.ws> ↕.ws <http://xn--85g.ws> ↔.ws
<http://xn--75g.ws> ↩.ws <http://xn--t6g.ws> ↪.ws <http://xn--u6g.ws> ✡.ws
<http://xn--tci.ws> ☸.ws <http://xn--54h.ws> ☯.ws <http://xn--w4h.ws> ✝.ws
<http://xn--pci.ws> ☦.ws <http://xn--n4h.ws> ☪.ws <http://xn--r4h.ws> ☮.ws
<http://xn--v4h.ws> ♈.ws <http://xn--m5h.ws> ♉.ws <http://xn--n5h.ws> ♊.ws
<http://xn--o5h.ws> ♋.ws <http://xn--p5h.ws> ♌.ws <http://xn--q5h.ws> ♍.ws
<http://xn--r5h.ws> ♎.ws <http://xn--s5h.ws> ♏.ws <http://xn--t5h.ws> ♐.ws
<http://xn--u5h.ws> ♑.ws <http://xn--v5h.ws> ♒.ws <http://xn--w5h.ws> ♓.ws
<http://xn--x5h.ws> ▶.ws <http://xn--g1h.ws> ◀.ws <http://xn--q1h.ws> ☑.ws
<http://xn--13h.ws> ✔.ws <http://xn--gci.ws> ✖.ws <http://xn--ici.ws> ✳.ws
<http://xn--cdi.ws> ✴.ws <http://xn--ddi.ws> ❇.ws <http://xn--wdi.ws>  Ⓜ.ws
㊗.ws <http://xn--bjz.ws> ㊙.ws <http://xn--tmz.ws>

Here is a screenshot, for those whose emailers don’t show the above.

These are also valid under UTS 46, whose design goal was to continue the
principles of IDNA2003 to allow for backwards compatibility, and thus
allows symbols from successive versions of Unicode. Most (but not all)
Emoji 5.0 characters are thus valid under UTS 46.

​For b

   - http://www.unicode.org/emoji/charts/emoji-versions-sources.html
   - http://www.unicode.org/reports/tr51/proposed.html#emoji_data

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