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Shawn Steele Shawn.Steele at microsoft.com
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I'm not suggestion "do nothing", however I do see much of the burden being on the registrar.  I don't think the client applications in particular should be overly critical.  If the registrar of .gr thinks something is useful that the registrar of .ru does not, then I don't think it's the browser's place to say that whatever.gr isn't a read domain.

>From the client perspective I think that if the DNS record exists, then we should probably use it (with, of course, whatever other checks we want to do to ensure that it's safe, which, for us, are also things we do for all-ascii names and often the user can override if they disagree with the browser warning).


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> IMO, it'd be "nice" if registrars could figure out how to  block those 
>kinds of things, but given the size of the  character repertoire (and 
>font variations) it seems like  there's no perfect solution to the 
>homograph question, even if  you confine it to common "letters".

There is never going to be a "perfect solution" to any of this.
If the position one is going to take is "no perfect solution, so let's do nothing", I suppose I can understand that, but I can't agree.  Instead, I think it is entirely reasonable to try to devise rules to exclude potential labels that we know are going to be problematic, especially given the idiosyncrasies of the DNS even while knowing that we won't get all of the problem cases.  


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