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Edge is doing the its-not-in-you-language-so-I’m-protecting-you thing, it shows you the content if you ask.

[cid:image001.png at 01D29CA0.5CFB01E0]

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>The fact that pretty much all of the browsers enable stuff that IDNA2008 explicitly forbids ...

I just spot checked Chrome (Mac and Android), Firefox, and Safari, and all of them displayed emoji names in URI domain names as A-labels.  If you want to try it, I have a handy wildcarded link farm.

In all of my browsers, this one displays as three random Chinese



This one is a lock emoji followed by "google" and displays as an A-label.


This one is two piles of poop, also displays as an A-label.


If you want to try other stuff, http://<anything>.web.sp.am<http://%3canything%3e.web.sp.am> will return a live harmless web page.

Also see this M3AAWG BCP from last year, based on what Google does, but endorsed by and I believe implemented by other M3AAWG members:



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