emoji (was Re: I-D Action: draft-klensin-idna-rfc5891bis-00.txt)

Patrik Fältström paf at frobbit.se
Mon Mar 13 03:17:34 CET 2017

On 13 Mar 2017, at 0:07, Shawn Steele wrote:

> How is I♥NY unpredictable?

Simply because you do not know in the general case which one of the emojis, with or without modifiers, are in use there. The number of similar emojis are bad enough but on top of that you have modifiers (as combining characters) that together create a confusability and instability risk for the end user.

This on top of the problem with, as you explicitly ignore, the fact that the Unicode Consortium declared the emoji characters themselves not be of the categories that fall into the general extension of the classic  L-D-H specification.

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