IAB Statement on Identifiers and Unicode 7.0.0

Patrik Fältström paf at frobbit.se
Wed Jan 28 20:39:35 CET 2015

On 28 jan 2015, at 20:09, Shawn Steele <Shawn.Steele at microsoft.com> wrote:

>> If IAB and IETF wants to pursue a path to eliminate these pseudo equivalences, they have to build on top of NFC a more restrictive transform.
> I'd like to explore this further.  I'm thinking that to solve the "identifier" problem we need something more than IDN currently provides.

Theoretically, if IETF could look at some other property value combination, in addition of what is included today, to exclude some more code points, then of course idna2008 could be able to be updated with that as an additional requirement for the code point to be PVALID.


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