Unicode 7.0.0, (combining) Hamza Above, and normalization

John R Levine johnl at taugh.com
Fri Aug 8 20:24:40 CEST 2014

> Part of what makes that example important is not "linguistics"
> but context: use 0 (or O), l (or 1) in a sentence in a language
> that uses Latin script and few people will have any trouble
> figuring out what was intended.

I think we're in violent agreement here.  If I were to type this, there's 
be little trouble for a human reader to figure out that the first lOO is a 
number, and the second is a toilet, since no other reading makes sense.

  "There were lOO people in line for the lOO."

Computers are dumb, homographs are confusing for all the reasons we know, 
so our least bad solution is to forbid them even in places where they'd be 
linguistically harmless.

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