Standardizing on IDNA 2003 in the URL Standard

Cary Karp ck at
Fri Aug 23 17:17:38 CEST 2013

Quoting Gerv:

> On 23/08/13 11:19, Mark Davis ☕ wrote:
>>  1. The TR46 non-letter support can be dropped in clients once the major
>>     registries disallow non-IDNA2008 URLs. I say URLs, because the
>>     registries need to not only disallow them in SLDs (eg http://☃.com),
>>     they /also/ need to forbid their subregistries from having them in
>>     Nth-level domains (that is, disallow http://☃
>>     <> =
>>     <>).
> This is not my area of expertise, but I am not aware of a registry which
> attempts to define by contract what their customers may or may not put
> into the DNS "below" the domain they have purchased.

They don't because they can't; conceivably one level down but
certainly not Nth-level. The concept itself is arguably antithetical
to one of the fundamental attributes of the DNS but there is no
practicable way to implement such a constraint, anyway. As a timeline
effect, 1. is identical to never.

> The way to make such domains not exist is for them to first not work in
> browsers; I'm not sure we can do it the other way around.



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