Lookup for reserved LDH labels

Marcos Sanz sanz at denic.de
Wed Nov 7 21:18:42 CET 2012

Hello Martin,

> >> * FWIW idnkit-2.2 works according to my expectations, ICU does
> >> not.
> Can you make sure they get a bug report?

yeah, well... it was while trying to do exactly that the discussion 
started :-)

> On a related topic, I'm wondering what the situation with respect to "ß" 

> is these days in .de. There were lots of discussions, and quite some 
> plans, and I'm wondering how far they have proceeded.

We launched ß-domains in november 2010 and have round about 25,000 of 
those at the second level at the moment. I don't know further down the 
In case you'd like to have more details, don't hesitate to contact me 

All the best,

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