How various TLDs use IDN variants

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I noticed new version (-03) had been published and ccTLDs were included 
in the document.  I checked JP section and had a few comments.  Please 
see below.

> 5.7.  JP
>    The .JP TLD (for Japan) publishes a policy page [JPPOLICY].  It has
>    published an IDN table for the Japanese language in [IANAIDN].  The
>    policy says that it will block registration of variants.

JP's IDN table does not define variants (i.e. each code point has no 
variants) so it says nothing about variants.  The last sentence would be:

  Each code point in that table defines no variants, and therefore 
  the policy says nothing about variants, which means there are no 
  variants in registration or resolution.

>               JPNIC, "Technology bylaws regarding generic domain name
>               registration JP", July 2012,
>               <>.

Owner and publisher of the policy document is JPRS, not JPNIC. 
Please correct it as follows.

  JPRS, "Technical Specification of General-use JP Domain Name", 
  July 2012, <>.


Yoshiro YONEYA <yoshiro.yoneya at>

On Sun, 28 Oct 2012 11:53:17 -0700 Paul Hoffman <paul.hoffman at> wrote:

> We updated the draft with the comments we received; the new version is at <>. We have sent messages to the gTLDs' administrative contacts listed in the IANA database. We intend to finish the document before end of November, and we would appreciate any more comments before then. Again, because this is just a catalog of what is out there, it is intended to be an independent submission, not an IETF document.
> --Paul Hoffman
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