Draft on IDN Tables in XML

JFC Morfin jefsey at jefsey.com
Mon Mar 12 18:30:51 CET 2012

At 17:16 12/03/2012, Gervase Markham wrote:
>On 12/03/12 03:07, J-F C. Morfin wrote:
>>At 03:13 12/03/2012, Shawn Steele wrote:
>>>What kinds of applications are expected to consume this data? What's
>>>the target?
>>The browsers want to use them. To validate the IDNs. This is why we need
>>to get them synced.
>Shawn, representing Microsoft, asked this question, which I presume 
>suggests that Microsoft isn't sure what this data is for. I, 
>representing Mozilla, echo his question.
>Which browser makers have asked for this data?

Lead users. As you do not want to listen and talk to them, some 
grassroots people have decided the safest was to reconsider the whole 
user architecture, back to the IUI and ML-DNS.  They probably are not 
on the same wave lengths as both of you? Don't ask me.

My personnal focus here is only the IUI and ML-DNS architectural, 
documentation and safe testing framework; and to try to keep some 
liaison with the Internet stratum. This is juste because the 
"Internet+" stratum is necessary multiservice menu synergy and 
access, to multilinguistic support, and to my interest in the Intersem.

I therefore only listen to the requests and investigate how the IUI 
could address them when the project matches my interest. I will know 
better once my I_Ds are finalized, a PLUS software architecture 
adopted, and some first prototyping achieved. Then IUI "slots" (smart 
local operating tasks) from projects will be experimented. Only by 
then we will know which projects have actually gone through and what 
they bring. You know FLOSS, it may take some time before all that 
preparatory process stabilizes. However, I have good hopes to see the 
things running in my old age.


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