[vip] Draft on IDN Tables in XML

JFC Morfin jefsey at jefsey.com
Wed Mar 7 17:27:22 CET 2012

At 15:19 07/03/2012, Patrik Fältström wrote:
>On 7 mar 2012, at 14:21, J-F C. Morfin wrote:
> > Nothing in protocols forces me to use an UTF-8 keyboard or 
> printer (as long as punycode is supported somewhere down the line, 
> in the IDNA case).
>As the email from Kim was explicitly tagged with information that it 
>was in charset UTF-8 it is possible for you, and up to you and your 
>tools to do the best of the situation.

I might, but this would have three errors from Kim which are most 
common among us, but which affect users:

1. Architectural layer violation: to call for the implication of my 
"tool", i.e. application. Same error as the IDNA architecture itself 
which involves non-network (non end to end) applications.
2. Logical: Chris asks for a Unicode graphical table. Kim responds: 
you do not need one *if* you have one.
3. basic: if Kim answers us it is for his response to go through, not 
to force us to use/buy his tools. I only shown the response did not go through.

Now if I tag this mail as "fr-latn-fr" ce sera à toi de ton côté de 
te débrouiller pour tirer le meilleur parti de la situation.

All this is not to make a point, but to illustrate the problem we 
have at hand.

What I actually received were variants. Billions of people at one 
time or another may receive variants. Actually an A-label is a 
variant of its U-label. And each application can use its own 
character set. So, either UTF-8 becomes the sole standard charset of 
the Internet or we need to find a solution that does not implies a 
layer violation. It can be architectural (network end to end) or 
procedural (network use fringe to fringe) but it MUST be 100% secure 
and 100% independent from the applications core because we know that 
this is a security breach: there is no application to application or 
computer core to core protocol. Yet, with variants we must support 
psy to psy human protocols named natural languages which come with 
their own orthotypography. I know I am boring, but I am sorry, we 
work for Homo Sapiens Sapiens people, not for Homo Abilis ones.


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