how did the idna theory start?

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Greeting all,

It might be a little bit odd to ask this question at the moment, I know it is a little bit late and I tried my best to search for it. What is the main reason for not supporting the UNICODE in the DNS protocol and to not use the hack-and-slash current way to solve this issue?

I tried to virtualized these scenarios but I failed to fulfill them cause I found another scenario which can contradict it:

1)      It is hard to update the internet old legacy of machines will be impossible to maintain:
Well considering current supporting for IPv6 RRs, DNSSEC RRs, ... and other records within the protocol I don't think it is hard to use the UNICODE as based encoding in DNS servers.

2)      It is bad to increase the size of the zone which will slow the cashing and will increase paging which will cause slowness in responses:
again, with ICANN allowing the new GTLDs and supporting the DNSSEC (big chunk of hashes) these things already increased the size.

3)      As technical part it is hard to maintain supporting other languages within the zone, it is hard to work with them without understanding:
aren't IDNAs considered to be hashes?

I am looking forward for answers!

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